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Aukini is a Name of Hindu Origin: What Does 11 Mean Numerologically?

Hindu culture is not only the complicated but it also unique with a rich history and many wonderful traditions. In Hinduism, there are lots of different religious meanings for names given to children at the time of birth. Maybe your baby’s name was meant to be an auspicious or a name signifying prosperity in this world? In this article, you’ll learn about Aukini how names are given in Hinduism and what it means when the meaning of a name is numerologically 11! What Is Numerology?   Numerology is a mathematical system of assigning significance or power to numbers. It’s just like Astrology and Tarot, but for numbers. Numerology is based on the knowledge that some numbers are “influential” on our lives, personality, and circumstances. Numbers can be positive or negative depending on their position in the cycle. In Hinduism there are 7 principles that govern all life and our actions in this world. There are specific numbers associated with each principle which are different from one another. These numbers work together to give us meaning when they come together in certain combinations of number pairs.  


  The word Aukini is a name of Hindu origin that means “water nymph.” The name is derived from the Sanskrit word aushika, which means “auspicious.” numerologically, the name has several significant meanings.   First, it represents the number 5. This is because the letter A in Latin is the fifth letter of the alphabet and the number 5 is considered a very lucky number in many cultures.   Second, It also represents the water element and its qualities. Because water is essential for life, representing this element can be seen as spiritually positive.   Finally, it also represents the ability to bring change and prosperity. This is because water is often seen as a symbol of abundance and fertility. In summary, it has many significant meanings that can be interpreted numerologically.  

Aukini Meaning

  Aukini is a name of Hindu origin and it means “lotus flower”.   This name is numerologically significant because it has a number value of 9. It can also be interpreted as the manifestation of the 9 essences of the universe. Aukini represents the feminine aspect of God as well as the element of water.  
ankini 1
ankini 1

Numerology of Aukini: 11

  Aukini is a name of Hindu origin and it means “auspicious one”. In numerology, Aukini has the number 11 as its primary meaning. This number reflects the qualities of creativity, intelligence, and positive outlook.   Aukini is also considered to be a powerful goddess. She wears a necklace and carries a bowl of water on her head, which symbolizes the ocean. Aukini is also associated with snakes. Her devotees believe that snakes shed their skin at Aukini’s command, so that she can take it and make new ones for them. Other images of Aukini show her riding on a tiger or serpent.Aukini was worshipped in pre-Christian times by many African tribes as well as by people who lived near the coast of Africa. Like most Hindu gods, Aukini appears in many forms to reflect different aspects of her nature and powers. In some temples she is pictured with human characteristics like arms  

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  Aukini is a name of Hindu origin. It means “blue lotus.”   Numerologically, Aukini has the following meanings:   The name has a numeric value of 13. It represents creativity, intelligence, and the spirit.  


  Aukini is a name that originates from Hindu culture, and it means “a new beginning.” The name will be especially appealing to parents who are looking for an unique and special name for their child – one that signifies the beginning of something new. Number nine is strongly associated with new beginnings, and so names that have this number as the first letter (Aukini, Aiza, Aisha, Aziza) are thought to be especially lucky.